He is born in vain. Who having attained the Human birth. So difficult to get. Does not attempt To realize God in this very life.”  
    ~ Ramkrishna Paramhansa  
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  24 Jul 2014 :  
  Swami Ramakrishnananda Jayanti  
  10 Aug 2014 :  
  Swami Niranjanananda Jayanti  
  17 aug 2014 :  
  Krishna Janmashtami  
  24 aug 2014 :  
  Swami Abhayananda Jayanti  
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Vivekananda Ashrama:  
P.O. Shyamala Tal (Himalayas)

Sukhidhang, Dist. Champawat,

Uttarakhand 262523

Email: Shyamlatal,

The view from the northern side of the Ashrama revesais the majestic peaks of Nandakot, Nanda-devi, Panchachully and the picturesque river Kali flowing at a distance near the Indor-Nepal border. A shimmering blue lake,300 feet below, commands a great spiritual grandeur. Set in the area of Shyanla, the lake's cool blue waters inspired Swami Virajananda to call it Shyamla Tal - the blue lake. There are various ways to reach Shyamla Tal.

1. Lucknow to Tanakpur ( overnight journey ) by train.

2. Tanakpur to Shukhidhang 23 km by bus.

3. Sukhidhang to Shyamla Tal 5 km on foot.

4. Tanakpur to Shyamla Tal 28 km by hiredjeep.

5.Bareilly to Shyamla Tal 141 km by car/bus.

6. Delhi to Shyamla Tal via Tanakpur 361 km by car/bus.
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